When bigger isn’t always better

The latest report on the global breast implant market has predicted that it will continue to grow by six per cent by 2020, but despite the market getting bigger it does seem that the trend for larger implants is slowing down.

breast implant surgeryWhat constitutes the ideal breast is highly subjective and every woman has a different aim and expectations, but it seems that the desire for a beautifully natural enhancement is now outweighing the fake or obvious look (which I have never supported anyway).

Choosing the right implant now and for the future

Breast implant surgery is popular with two distinct groups of women; older women who have seen changes to their breast size and shape over time may want a more youthful and full appearance restored. The other group is typically younger women who do not feel that their breast size has developed fully and doesn’t suit their frame.

It can be more challenging for younger patients to visualise how their body will change and how they may feel about their breast size in the future.

Factors that influence breast implant choice

Body shape is an important consideration; in fact, it is of more importance in terms of implant choice than focusing on cup size. Implants are measured in cubic centimetres or ‘cc’ and a 350cc implant on one woman can look very different on another, depending on the amount of existing breast tissue and their chest and shoulder width.

Lifestyle is also a factor. If you have a very active lifestyle and enjoy team sports or running, then a larger implant may compromise your ability to exercise or participate comfortably.

Hopefully, your implants will look and feel great for many years, but an overly-large implant will be less well tolerated by the body, causing back pain and excessive sagging of the tissues in the chest. A clear case of ‘more’ being ‘less’, in fact.

There is no perfect ‘size’ of implant and every patient that visits my Leamington breast augmentation clinic is approached individually. Each implant brand comes in different shapes, sizes and profiles and we can find the best implant option for you personally.