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Study finds cultural ideals influence the breast augmentation procedure

An international study recently looked at the contrasting approaches plastic surgeons from different countries took to the breast augmentation procedure. Breast enlargement with implants are the number one most requested cosmetic surgery procedure, both in the UK and around the world.

Since the first breast implant procedure was performed over 50 years ago, it’s thought that between 5 and 10 million women worldwide have undergone the procedure. It’s an operation that women of all ages opt for; younger women who have always been dissatisfied with their breast size and/or shape or older women that have seen changes to their body due to weight loss and pregnancy and wish to restore a more youthful breast shape.

My approach to the breast augmentation operation, as with all cosmetic surgery procedures, is always to produce a natural and beautiful enhancement that suits the individual patient, but this recent study suggests that plastic surgeons from different countries have a markedly different approach to what is the perfect breast size and shape.

How  we decide on breast size and shape

Breast implants now come in a wide range of size, shape, fullness and projection, meaning plastic surgeons are able to produce the size and shape requested by the patient. Yet, in terms of the plastic surgeon’s own aesthetic, cultural differences were identified in the study; surgeons from India preferred a fuller, rounder look whereas French plastic surgeons opted for a more natural shape with less fullness to the upper part of the breast.

And the nipple too

Different surgeons also had definite ideas on the ideal size of the areola. Surgeons from Germany preferred the smallest areola size whereas Brazillian surgeons preferred the largest areola. The same was true for surgeons from India and France.

Your choice

As with every cosmetic surgery procedure, your breast augmentation should be individually tailored to your needs and expectations. During your breast augmentation consultation at my Leamington cosmetic surgery clinic, we have a lengthy discussion about what you’re hoping to achieve and then I can guide you in choosing the implants that will best suit your frame and fulfil your realistic expectations from surgery.

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