Is it safe to combine multiple plastic surgery procedures into one operation?

Following on from the Mummy Makeover piece I recently posted, I have been asked whether it is really safe to combine multiple procedures in one lengthy operation.

My advice is that, for fit and healthy patients, combining plastic surgical procedures is very safe, despite the extra length of a combined operation, and offers the advantage of only requiring one general anaesthetic.

Naturally, there are still risks and complications relating to both the surgery and the anaesthetic and any particular risk factors, such as smoking, excessive weight, diabetes and the prescribed use of steroids for medical conditions, may lead to the decision that surgery would be more wisely carried out in stages.

However, there are some definite benefits in combining multiple procedures, particularly in regard to only undergoing one general anaesthetic, as there are a number of potential risks attached to this aspect of the operation and prospective patients often identify this as one of their chief concerns.

Getting everything done in one surgical operation also means just one hospital stay, which is also very appealing to prospective patients.

My patient consultations are exhaustive, considering the presenting problems carefully, including thorough examination, in the presence of a chaperone if desired, before moving on to talk about realistic solutions by way of surgery.

Do’s and dont’s after surgery are carefully talked through in terms of lifestyle and occupation, particularly with regard to length of recovery and I also discuss potential risks and complications, as well as cost to round things off. This is all backed up by a detailed letter covering all these aspects of the consultation, inviting further queries if anything is unclear or if a further point arises. A second consultation can take place if desired. There is no pressure on my part for surgery to proceed, this decision being entirely up to the patient booking a date through my secretary.