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Gynaecomastia Case Study

Name: Wayne
Age: 27
Occupation: Marine
Treatment: Gynaecomastia/Male Breast Reduction

What prompted you to have the procedure?

I can’t remember exactly when I became aware that my nipples were larger and stuck out more than normal, but I think they were always more noticeable to me than anybody else. I was self-conscious and didn’t like taking my top off in public.

I always knew that I wanted to have a gynaecomastia procedure at some point, but when I first considered joining the forces I knew I wanted the problem fixing before going in for training.

Who carried out the procedure and what was their opinion at the consultation?

I went to see Mr Richard Matthews at his cosmetic surgery practice in Leamington Spa for a gynaecomastia procedure about eight years ago.

I had done some research on local surgeons and Mr Matthews seemed very well qualified and experienced for the job. He was easy to talk to at consultation and made me feel at ease.

How was the experience?

After my first procedure, I was happier but I didn’t feel quite enough fat had been removed. I explained my expectations from a second procedure to Mr Matthews and so had the operation again a couple of months later at the BMI Hospital in Coventry.

Were you pleased with the results?

This time the results were great and I really feel he had listened to what I wanted.

Are you happy with the procedure?

I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Matthews to anyone considering a gynaecomastia procedure; eight years on and I am still very happy with the results.

Mr Richard Matthews provides the full range of cosmetic surgery procedures for both men and women, including gynaecomastia, otherwise known as male breast reduction surgery. He operates from the top private hospitals in the Leamington and Coventry area. For more information or to request a consultation, please click here.