This procedure is specifically targeted at the soft tissues under the chin, extending a short way down the front of the neck and can be carried out on its own under local anaesthetic, with or without sedation, as a Day Case, or combined with a Bilateral Minifacelift (see separate description) or with a Face/Necklift (see separate description) with a one or two night stay.

A horizontal incision (cut) is made in the crease just under the skin (where it is well concealed).  A crescent-shaped, area of skin, based on the horizontal incision, with its widest part pointing backwards down the neck, is then removed, together with all underlying fat, extending under the skin down the upper part of the front of the neck to remove further fat.  This is more thorough than liposuction (which can be appropriate on its own in some cases) and allows access to small strap muscles under the chin which are tightened with slowly dissolving stitches to improve the contour and tone in the area.

The skin is then carefully repaired with dissolveable stitches deep to the surface and fine nylon stitches to the skin itself, sticky tapes being applied over the operated area to help control swelling.
At home, it is necessary to take life more gently and not to bend over too much to avoid bleeding.  The stitches are removed at 10 to 14 days, leaving a scar in the crease line under the chin which takes 9 to 12 months to fade fully but which will take make-up soon after stitch removal.  Some swelling under the chin continues to take up subtly over several weeks.