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Demand for the Meghan Markle nose raises question of celebrity-inspired cosmetic surgery

Since her engagement to Prince Harry was announced, interest in Megan Markle has reached fever pitch and now a leading New York-based plastic surgeon has revealed that he has received a growing number of requests from patients wanting to copy her nose. This raises the interesting question of whether it is ever possible or advisable to emulate the facial features of someone you admire through cosmetic surgery.

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One of the most important aspects of the cosmetic surgery consultation is a clear understanding between the patient and surgeon about what the patient wants to achieve. Often a patient will have an expectation of how they want a specific facial or body feature to look and that might be influenced by a certain celebrity.

Bringing in pictures of someone you admire can certainly stimulate the conversation but it is essential that patients are not fixated on achieving a specific look because there are a number of factors that can affect the outcome of cosmetic surgery, including the patient’s own facial structure or frame or individual skin thickness.

Realistic expectations about rhinoplasty

Typically, the rhinoplasty, or nose job, is the cosmetic surgery procedure that most inspires patients to want to emulate celebrities. The nose is the central feature on the face and men and women alike can start to think that copying a star’s nose may make them look more like their idol.

However, perceived attractiveness is based on facial balance and symmetry so it is not just Meghan Markle’s nose that makes her beautiful but how her nose complements her other facial features. Even if we were able to absolutely recreate someone else’s nose on your face, it might not be in in balance with your eyes or chin. More than likely, you will look worse than before surgery.

There are also limitations to what can be achieved with a rhinoplasty. If we are building the projection of the tip or bridge of the nose, there is a limit to how far the skin will stretch. If we are reducing the nose, the integrity of the nasal structure must always be balanced.

So, rather than bring in a picture of your favourite celebrity nose, I encourage patients at my Leamington rhinoplasty consultations to think of very specific factors they would like to alter, such as removing a hump or narrowing the bridge of the nose or tip.

A well-thought out and planned rhinoplasty procedure should always look natural and enhance a patient’s individual beauty and thereby prove a fantastic boost to self-confidence.