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Alcohol and cosmetic surgery should never mix

A major part of our job as plastic surgeons is to fully prepare our patients for their surgical procedure and I always ensure my Leamington Spa cosmetic surgery patients are well-versed in what they should and shouldn’t be doing, both before and after their surgical procedures. If you’re considering a drink before your surgery to […]

The truth about weight loss and body contouring surgery

Although losing a significant amount of weight will certainly make you healthier, it won’t necessarily make you happier. At the start your weight loss journey, whether it be through diet and exercise alone or through bariatric surgery, the expectation is usually that reaching goal weight will be the pinnacle of achievement. However, the truth is […]

BAAPS and BAPRAS unveil cosmetic surgery training fellowships

At the BAAPS conference in September focus was on the training – or lack of it – that future plastic surgeons are receiving on the NHS in ‘cosmetic’ surgery procedures and the worrying repercussions for patients. To become a consultant plastic surgeon on the specialist registry, trainees complete a two-year foundation programme after finishing medical […]

The history of breast implants

In 2012 a cosmetic surgery milestone was reached as it was 50 years since the first breast augmentation surgery using silicone implants was performed. In 1962 a Texas woman, Timmie Lindsey, who was seeking a tattoo removal procedure was offered a breast augmentation procedure by two plastic surgeons keen to experiment with a new type […]

Who is the ideal candidate for a facelift?

As we age, a number of changes occur to the face and neck; the skin loses its elasticity and volume starts to disappear from the mid-face area, causing the brow to lower, cheeks to flatten, folds and lines to appear around the mouth and nose and sagging of the jawline. Dynamic wrinkles also start to […]

Spotlight on Rhinoplasty: A history of the nose job

Derived from the Greek words ‘rhinos’, for nose, and ‘plastos’ which means ‘shaped’ or ‘molded’, Rhinoplasty is thought to be the world’s oldest cosmetic surgery procedure. Nowadays, a Rhinoplasty procedure encompasses many techniques to alter all aspects of the nose, both for aesthetic and functional purposes. A bump or hook on the bridge of the […]

Who should be performing your cosmetic surgery procedure?

A recent article in the International Business Times shone a spotlight on the ongoing ‘turf war’ in America about which medical practitioner is adequately qualified to perform particular cosmetic surgery procedures, an issue we are very familiar with here in the UK. Plastic surgeons in America are understandably worried that other medical specialties are offering […]

Breast Augmentation: The Importance of a Shared Vision

Good communication between patient and plastic surgeon is key for them to have a shared vision of the breast augmentation outcome. In my view, the success of any cosmetic surgery procedure is dependent on whether it realises the expectations of my patient, so it is crucial that I fully understand what they are hoping to […]

The Truth About Liposuction

Earlier this summer, it was reported that Bollywood actress Aarthi Agarwal had died at the age of 31 from respiratory problems after a liposuction procedure. Just a few weeks ago it was headline news that a British woman had died after undergoing a Brazilian lift, a procedure whereby fat is suctioned out of the abdomen […]

Study finds cultural ideals influence the breast augmentation procedure

An international study recently looked at the contrasting approaches plastic surgeons from different countries took to the breast augmentation procedure. Breast enlargement with implants are the number one most requested cosmetic surgery procedure, both in the UK and around the world. Since the first breast implant procedure was performed over 50 years ago, it’s thought […]