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Did Brexit worries cause cosmetic surgery cuts?

Many things have been blamed on Brexit, from shrinking chocolate bars to the rise in the price of beloved food products such as Marmite and Walker’s Crisps, but the latest industry to be hit by the public referendum to leave the EU, is the cosmetic surgery business. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), […]

Dealing with the adjustment period after cosmetic surgery

A cosmetic surgery procedure can be a life-enhancing event that transforms a feature of the face or body that has long been a source of distress, embarrassment or even discomfort. The vast majority of patients are aware of what their results will be and are happy and satisfied with the operation’s outcome, but this doesn’t […]

Who should be performing your surgery? New study finds ‘jargon’ can cause confusion

Do you know the difference between a plastic surgeon, a cosmetic surgeon or an aesthetic surgeon? Who should you choose to perform your facelift or breast augmentation? According to a new report published in this month’s Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, the journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), many patients planning a cosmetic […]

When bigger isn’t always better

The latest report on the global breast implant market has predicted that it will continue to grow by six per cent by 2020, but despite the market getting bigger it does seem that the trend for larger implants is slowing down. What constitutes the ideal breast is highly subjective and every woman has a different […]

The end of plastic surgery scarring?

I read with interest about new research published in Science magazine this month. According to a study carried out by doctors at the University of Pennsylvania in the US, scars could be a thing of the past with a new healing process. By altering the cell composition within a wound, the lesion heals as normal […]

Woman’s Hour takes a look at cosmetic surgery

In celebration of its 70th year, BBC Radio 4’s flagship show Woman’s Hour recently released a poll that looked at every aspect of a woman’s life in 2016. As well as discovering that 86% of women would rather be a woman than a man, compared to just over half of women interviewed in 1947, a […]

New advice warns against vaping and cosmetic surgery

Prior to anyone embarking on a cosmetic procedure at my Leamington plastic surgery practice, I cover the dos and don’ts before they proceed. One of the topics we touch on is smoking and patients are always advised to quit the habit for at least a few weeks both before and after any major procedure. Now […]

Understanding facial ageing

As well as hopefully bestowing wisdom, the ageing process affects your body, your mind and even how you look. And it is this visible facial ageing that many men and women find hardest to take. The triangle of youth As we get older, a distinct facial shape change gradually occurs. Typically, a youthful face has […]

Why reviews are important

The opinions of strangers have become increasingly important in guiding our decision-making process; if we are planning a holiday, we turn to TripAdvisor and before we download a book on Amazon, we quickly turn to the reviews from fellow readers. Plastic surgery is no different; often patients are not keen on sharing what they’ve had […]

Why the new breast implant registry is a good idea

Last month, the government launched a national breast implant registry, following on from Recommendation 21 made in Sir Bruce Keogh’s Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions, published in April 2013 in the aftermath of the PIP breast implant scandal. Following the discovery a few years previously that French company Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) were using industrial rather […]