Can you make cosmetic surgery last longer?

Cosmetic surgery is a significant investment of time and money, so patients are often keen to know what return they can expect on their investment, particularly in terms of longevity of results.

Make the results of your facelift last longer

A facelift can reset the ageing clock – by up to ten years – but it can’t stop it. You will continue to age, but there are some measures you can take to maintain your results. Excessive sun exposure is intensively damaging to the skin, causing the acceleration of wrinkling and loss of elasticity, so protecting yourself from further sun damage is essential.

Non-surgical procedures such as botulinum toxin or dermal fillers can be used in conjunction with cosmetic surgery to enhance the results of a facelift. Also certain ageing concerns, such as the dynamic wrinkles that cause crow’s feet or frown lines, are not improved by facial rejuvenation surgery, but instead can be resolved with muscle relaxing injections.

Maintaining the results of body contouring surgery

Procedures such as liposuction, abdominoplasty, thigh reduction, arm lift or even a total body lift can transform the body, removing excess fat and sagging skin that mars the contours of your body. However, further fluctuations in weight will only undo any gains you’ve managed to achieve by undergoing surgery.

Liposuction is sometimes perceived as a method to control weight, which rarely works as patients will just see fat deposited elsewhere in the body in the future. This is why I advise patients seeking body contouring surgery at my Leamington cosmetic clinic to be near or at their ideal body weight and have maintained this weight for a period of time.

Make the most of your breast augmentation procedure

Weight fluctuations can also adversely affect your breast augmentation results. Pregnancy and breast feeding can also change the shape and size of your breasts, so one option could be to wait till you have completed your family before you have breast implant surgery to enhance your breasts.

Gravity will continue to have an impact on your breasts, so it’s important not to give gravity a helping hand by going too large with your implants. During my Leamington breast augmentation consultation, I advise patients about implant choice, both in terms of what size is appropriate for their frame now, but also what they should consider in the future.

In conclusion

Before you make the important decision to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure, it is important to be fully aware of the implications, such as the longevity of your results and whether you’re going to require further surgery in the future.

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