Breast Augmentation: The Importance of a Shared Vision

Good communication between patient and plastic surgeon is key for them to have a shared vision of the breast augmentation outcome. In my view, the success of any cosmetic surgery procedure is dependent on whether it realises the expectations of my patient, so it is crucial that I fully understand what they are hoping to achieve before we get close to an operating theatre.

The importance of the consultation.

During my Leamington breast augmentation consultations, I always allow plenty of time for the patient and myself to discuss what they are hoping to achieve. For my part, it is essential the patient is able to indicate what she is hoping for – if I feel that she is not sure in herself, has unrealistic expectations or is uncertain in any way, then I advise her to go away and, armed with the information I have given her, consider the procedure further.

The physical aspect also has to be taken into consideration; I perform a careful physical examination because my aim is to enhance the breasts to suit a lady’s size and frame. There may also be certain physical issues to account for when planning their breast augmentation procedure; it’s thought that 99 per cent of UK women will have some degree of breast asymmetry, in relation to position and volume, and up to 40 per cent will have a difference of one or even two cup sizes.

Other physical factors to consider include tubular breasts, where the breasts are constricted to some degree at the base, and the degree of sagging in the breast, known as ptosis. Significant ptosis requires an uplift operation (mastopexy) as the mainstay correction, possibly associated with augmentation.

Cup size considerations

Although women often arrive for a breast augmentation consultation at my Leamington cosmetic surgery clinic stating that they want to be a specific cup size, I always advise them not to get too hung up on bra measurements for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the patient’s size and frame has to be taken into consideration and a C-cup will look vastly different on someone who is tall with a wider frame than someone who is very petite: cup-size must be tailored to physique.

However, the big problem with cup size is that bra measurements vary greatly from shop to shop, so women’s perceptions of cup sizes are often skewed. Last month, the Daily Mail ran a feature on this very topic and their model was fitted with seven different bra sizes, ranging from a 34B to a 30E, in as many shops!

Breast implants come in cc measurements rather than cup sizes, but they are also available in a wide range of shapes and projections. Where the breast implants are inserted – either above or below the chest muscle – will also affect how they will appear.

A good cosmetic surgeon will be able to match a suitably-sized shape and size of breast implant in his or her mind’s eye with the outcome that each lady is looking for, so that the right implant can be available and selected for every occasion.

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The Truth About Liposuction

Earlier this summer, it was reported that Bollywood actress Aarthi Agarwal had died at the age of 31 from respiratory problems after a liposuction procedure. Just a few weeks ago it was headline news that a British woman had died after undergoing a Brazilian lift, a procedure whereby fat is suctioned out of the abdomen and elsewhere on the body and then re-injected into the buttock area.

We are used to seeing disaster surgery stories from patients that have gone abroad for cut-price cosmetic surgery operations, but Jane Kiiza’s procedure had taken place at one of the UK’s leading private hospital chains and her surgeon is on the Specialist Plastic Surgery register. So, what should patients do to protect themselves?

Patients that visit my Leamington cosmetic surgery practice, can sometimes view liposuction as somehow less serious than more ‘invasive’ surgical procedures, such as a tummy tuck. Whether that’s due to the use of a cannula rather than a knife or because of the proliferation of non-surgical procedures with liposuction-type names, some of which claim to reduce fat with no downtime, I’m not sure, but liposuction should be approached as seriously as any other surgical procedure.

Liposuction: not the gentle option

During liposuction, it is not just the case of inserting a syringe into the skin and sucking out fat cells. First, a solution is inserted which helps loosen the fat cells, making them easier to remove and reducing possible damage to fine nerves and blood vessels. Then a cannula (a blunt-ended metal pipe) is inserted. To be able to effectively remove the fat cells, the cannula has to be relatively large – typically between 3 – 5mm in diameter.

The cannula is attached via plastic tubing to a powerful suction machine. The cannula is then moved around energetically in the dense pockets of fat cells to break them up so they can be removed. The procedure is performed either under a general anaesthetic or large amounts of local anaesthetic combined with sedation as it wouod otherwise be too painful.

Liposuction: the risks

Liposuction has all the same risks of any cosmetic surgery procedure but possible complications specific to liposuction include:

  • the removal of too much fat. This can result in too much body fluid lost and blood pressure dropping. This is why I always opt for more conservative amounts of fat removed during any one procedure – in the US surgeons routinely remove much greater amounts which is reflected in their higher mortality rates
  • patient selection is important – liposuction is best suited to younger women who generally have good skin elasticity. Older patients may find they are left with sagging skin
  • liposuction is fantastic at removing excess fat but it can sometimes leave ridges or dimples in the skin where fat is removed unevenly. Patients may require a follow-up treatment in that instance

Avoid any cosmetic doctor (ie not qualified to do surgery) offering liposuction – this is a procedure that can produce fantastic results but should be performed by a Consultant Plastic Surgeon who is fully trained and experienced. To find out more call 01926 436341 to book a Leamington liposuction consultation.