Seeking treatment for skin lumps and bumps from a Plastic Surgeon

On discovering a lump or bump on the face or the body, either in or just under the skin, your first instinct will naturally be to make an appointment with your GP to check that there is nothing serious to worry about. Your GP will be able to assess the problem and, if appropriate, a biopsy will be taken and sent off for examination.

First of all, try not to worry

Most lumps and bumps aren’t cancerous – in fact, even the vast majority of lumps found in the breast aren’t cancerous – but instead are benign (harmless) growths that aren’t life threatening. The most common skin lumps and bumps that are benign include cysts, lipomas (fatty lumps) fibromas and angiomas.

The next step; removal

Even if the skin irregularity has been checked and determined benign, your decision might still be to have it removed for aesthetic reasons, which is usually when your GP will recommend you seek treatment in the private sector.

Most GPs won’t perform removals anyway, particularly on the face. Whilst they might think to refer you to either a general surgeon or a dermatologist, referral to a Consultant Plastic Surgeon, armed with the superior knowledge, insight and expertise to ensure the best cosmetic result, would be much more advisable in my view.

Why a Cosmetic Surgeon?

A cosmetic surgeon, holding the position of a Consultant Plastic Surgeon, will have the necessary anatomical knowledge, a mastery of all possible techniques and a thorough understanding of the skin and how its qualities differ from person to person. These advantages allow me to offer all my patients a bespoke experience, whatever the problem, tailoring the procedure to the individual.

Where the procedure is carried out is also a factor. By performing this sort of surgery at both The Nuffield Health Warwickshire Hospital in Leamington Spa and The BMI Meriden in Coventry, the best operating facilities, theatre lighting, instrumentation and suture materials are always available, accompanied by strict standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

When considering the removal of any skin lumps and bumps, as well as potential mole removal and scar revision, it is essential that you seek advice and treatment from a properly trained Consultant Plastic Surgeon for their first-class surgical skills and dedication to achieving the best possible result.