Why you should choose a highly experienced plastic surgeon to perform eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery, known as a blepharoplasty, addresses ageing issues with the upper and lower lids and is very popular with both men and women as it can have a quite dramatic impact on the face. The eyes are commonly said to be the window to the soul, but it’s also true that they can let in a harsh light on the ageing problems around the eyes.

A blepharoplasty can tackle skin laxity on the upper and lower lids and fat bulges that appear under the eye. It is often described as a ‘simple’ or ‘straightforward’ procedure, but I believe strongly that this is a more complicated procedure than you might expect. To ensure the best possible result and management of any potential complications, choosing a highly experienced plastic surgeon is a must.

I have been offering eyelid surgery at the top private hospitals in the Leamington and Warwickshire area for many years and have performed many hundreds upper and lower blepharoplasties and below is some advice to anyone considering this procedure.

Make sure you’re a good candidate for eyelid surgery

Always fully disclose any health problems you have during your initial consultation so that your surgeon can take them into account. It doesn’t necessarily follow that you won’t be able to have the surgery, but the surgeon will have to plan for and manage any health concerns.

In terms of eyelid surgery, the one eye condition of particular concern is dry eye. For people with dry eye particular care is necessary when planning and performing this procedure, although the majority of dry eye patients are able to go ahead.

Take your time

The recovery rate is significantly slower than you might expect, especially with the lower lids. Plan for this recovery period rather than trying to squeeze an op in a particularly busy or stressful time. Often my Leamington eyelid surgery patients find they actually recover quicker when they allow themselves plenty of time.

Check out your aftercare package

Complications can ensue even in the most straightforward procedure, but the mark of a highly experienced and competent surgeon is how they manage these complications. Protect yourself by ensuring that attentive aftercare is part of your surgeon’s standard practice and ask how they deal with any complications that can arise. I always go through this in full at my Leamington eyelid surgery consultations.