Is there a difference between male and female cosmetic surgery?

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, known as BAAPS, is the UK’s leading plastic surgery organisation. Often, when you’re choosing a plastic surgeon, membership of BAAPS can be a good indication of the experience and level of qualifications possessed by its members, of which I am one.

However, for any patient who is considering a plastic surgery procedure, I always advise that you have a consultation where you can check more closely the surgeon’s experience and qualifications, and also determine if it’s possible to build a relationship based on good communication and trust. I always offer my Leamington cosmetic surgery patients a full and lengthy consultation in an unpressurised environment to help build that relationship.

BAAPS also does annual audits on its members and it was from these audits that they recently released the 2013 cosmetic surgery figures for BAAPS members. Increasing numbers of men are opting for cosmetic surgery as evidenced by the 16 per cent overall increase from the previous year.

Top three surgery procedures for men

Rhinoplasty can be a very challenging and complex procedure for the plastic surgeon and it is crucial that you choose a practitioner that has a large degree of experience in this particular procedure. For my part, realistic expectations on behalf of the patient is imperative.

Eyelid Surgery; a very popular cosmetic surgery procedure for both men and women as it can have a really transforming impact on the ageing face. The media have been quick to point to the recent recession being a factor in the rise in anti-ageing cosmetic surgery as the workplace becomes an ever more competitive place.

Breast Reduction; known medically as gynaecomastia, there are really two different types of gynaecomastia. Some men can develop an excess of glandular breast tissue – which all men possess to a small degree – and this can create a breast-like appearance. This may require a surgical procedure to remove the breast tissue which is more like a breast reduction procedure for a woman.

However, I have seen increasing numbers of men at my Leamington cosmetic surgery practice who, due to excess weight, have developed a male breast. Even if they have lost weight, this can be a tricky area to tone up. Often these patients respond well to liposuction alone.

The difference between male and female cosmetic surgery

Apart from the breast augmentation procedure, which appears as the number one cosmetic surgery procedure for women, the same surgical operations appear on both lists – both men and women want to look younger and appear more fit and toned.

However, for the plastic surgeon, there is a distinction in how you approach the genders. There are differences in male and female anatomy and, generally, male tissues can be stiffer and less forgiving to work with. There are also distinctly differing aesthetic demands which is why choosing a plastic surgeon with both experience and an aesthetic eye is a must.