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About Mr Richard Matthews

MB BS(London) FRCS(Eng) FRCS(Edin)

Mr Richard Matthews is a highly experienced Consultant Cosmetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon who offers non-surgical aesthetic treatments such as wrinkle relaxing injections and dermal fillers. His aesthetic clinic delivers the same high standard of expertise and level of care as previously provided in his surgical practice.

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Medico-Legal Enquiries

A founder member and former President of the Warwickshire Medico-Legal Society, Mr Matthews has great experience in preparing Medical Reports for Solicitors for clients who have suffered personal injury, frequently taking instruction on a Single Joint Medical Expert basis. He has also provided professional advice in cases of alleged medical negligence within his sphere of medical expertise.

Cosmetic Surgery Enquiries

Mr Richard Matthews is no longer carrying out plastic surgical operations and has passed on his cosmetic surgical practice to his trusted and experienced Consultant colleague, Mr Alan Park, FRCS(Plast.).  Mr Park is now the contact point for Mr Matthews’ existing surgical patients and for anyone wanting a consultation for cosmetic surgery (except for Rhinoplasty). Please click below to go through to Mr Alan Park’s website.

What my patients say

I have been under the care of Mr Matthews since 2004 when I was first diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma [BCC]. In the intervening years I have had many surgical procedures to remove lesions and to receive skin grafts. On every consultation I have been given the most attentive care, and experienced Mr Matthews’s extensive surgical skills through all the stages of treatment. His concern for the well-being of his patients is without precedent in my experience, and I would not hesitate to advise those in need of treatment for BCC or related conditions to consult Mr Matthews.

KKJanuary 2014

I have been a patient of Mr Matthews for a number of years and during that time I have found him very approachable and caring as well as being extremely thorough and he has solved my dermatological problems very efficiently.

MWJanuary 2014

I saw Mr Matthews in September 2016 with a view to a mini facelift.  Having had a full and thorough consultation and discussion, this was carried out in November 2016.  I was back at work two weeks after the procedure and have just had my three-month check-up.  Before having the mini facelift, friends would say that I looked tired, the comments now are that I look very well.

I have had previous health problems and was not sure that I would be a candidate for cosmetic surgery but I am so pleased that I was able to go ahead and I am delighted with the results.

MMFebruary 2017

I went to see Mr Matthews because my breasts were different sizes. They had always been like that but in recent years the difference had become greater.

After reading as much information as possible and looking at other surgeon’s websites I found Mr Matthew’s website more comprehensive than others. This was justified during my first meeting with him, which my husband attended with me. The meeting left me feeling very confident and whilst Mr Matthews advised me to go away and think about it, I made a decision to go ahead with the operation at that time.

Throughout the whole procedure I was made to feel very well looked after. I am absolutely delighted with the result. I have now worn a bikini for the first time. I am now a new happy lady and have bought new more revealing dresses and can wear them and walk around with confidence.

PBNovember 2017

With some apprehension, I consulted Mr Matthews regarding the removal of moles and multiple skin tags on my face and neck. After a few minutes, I was completely reassured and felt confident to go ahead with the procedure. It only took an hour and I was home with a cup of tea. A month later there is virtually no trace or blemish of any kind.

PWOctober 2017

I had a large sebaceous cyst removed from my upper back in July 2017 by Mr Matthews and his team. The level of post-operative care was first class and I am now on the road to a full recovery. I can’t recommend Mr Matthews highly enough.

JSSeptember 2017

I saw Mr Matthews for what some may consider a minor procedure (removal of a lump from the side of my nose) but, for me, it has been life-changing. I was so nervous and embarrassed at my consultation; I needn’t have been. Visiting Mr Matthews was like having a frank and honest chat with an old friend. I felt at ease as soon as I walked into his office and just knew that this was the right choice for me.

Mr Matthews carefully explained how he would do the procedure and any risks involved. There was no hard sell, I was told to go away and think things over before I made a decision as to whether to go ahead or not.

On the day of my surgery, all was calm and any apprehension I had been feeling soon vanished. I am now several weeks post surgery I still feel a thrill each time I look in the mirror and see my new nose! I have no hesitation in recommending this lovely, kind & considerate man to anyone who may need a little help in changing their appearance.

KEAugust 2017

I have had an extended abdominoplasty ( tummy tuck ) and then extensive liposuction to my thighs recently under the care of Mr Richard Matthews.

Both operations went really well and without any problems and have produced a result that meets my highest expectations. I am delighted.

Mr Matthews has been highly professional and attentive and I can thoroughly recommend him to anyone considering plastic surgery.

JOApril 2017

Following a large weight loss, I was left with a big excess of skin around my tummy and breasts that were very saggy. Finding the correct surgeon was something that I DID NOT take lightly. Upon my initial consultation with Mr Matthews, he agreed that the skin removal would enhance my life and the uplift of my breasts would make a huge difference. However, as it was a large operation, he wouldn’t go ahead unless I ensured that I was at my optimum health in time for the operation.

From that appointment, I knew I had made the correct choice. The treatment and care I have received from Mr Matthews is second to none! His skills are AMAZING, I look and feel fabulous (even if I do say so myself!). I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Matthews for ANY surgical needs, as I know that you would not be in any better hands.

NCApril 2017

I had a breast reduction carried out by Mr Richard Matthews in February 2016.  From the first very informative meeting with him, he took the time to explain everything in full detail, afterwards everything that was discussed was followed up in writing, which was extremely helpful post-surgery.

I am absolutely delighted with the results, my scarring is hardly visible, my breast size has reduced from a G cup down to a C cup. I am only 5ft 3″ so this has made an amazing difference, I look slimmer, physically I feel better and I certainly do not have any regrets.

Mr Matthews and all the staff at the Nuffield Warwickshire, are amazing, the after care from all concerned was second to none.  I would certainly recommend Mr Matthews for this procedure without hesitation.

EIFebruary 2016

I decided to have breast augmentation in 2010. I knew I didn’t want a mass advertised breast augmentation clinic miles away from home so I took my time to do my research for reputable surgeons and clinics. I decided to have my consultation with Mr Matthews based on his vast experience as a surgeon and the surgery being available at my local Nuffield hospital.

I found Mr Matthews to be very approachable, he treated me as an individual and listened to my requirements. He was also very honest with the possible outcome and what could be achieved. At no time did I feel any pressure to proceed. I felt very confident to go ahead with the surgery which was a success. The after care I received and continue to receive is faultless.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mr Matthews.

JSFebruary 2017

I had a large lipoma removed from the right side of my forehead just above my eye by Mr Matthews. As I had never had to have a surgical procedure done before I was understandably nervous, however, I needn’t have been! Mr Matthews was able to put me at my ease from our first meeting. He took the time to explain everything in full and to make sure I was fully prepared. The procedure was a success and post operation I am very pleased to say that I had no swelling or bruising.

After following Mr Matthews’ instructions for recovery I was very pleased with the small neat scar that I was left with. It has now been 13 weeks since my operation and that scar has now faded considerably. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mr Matthews and indeed my daughter has just had a mole removed from the side of her nose by him and once again the care he took from start to finish was impeccable and the procedure has been a huge success with no complications! We would both like to say a very big thank you to Mr Matthews.

SPApril 2016

I was very apprehensive about having a skin cancer removed from my ear. Mr Matthews explained in the greatest detail what he would do, and reassured me that it would be completely painless. Everything went exactly as he promised and two months later there was no sign of the operation. Mr Matthews was very quiet, very gentle and gave me complete confidence, I am so grateful.

JMJuly 2016

I had breast augmentation carried out by Mr Matthews in December 2012. I didn’t take this procedure lightly and spent some time researching the procedure, surgeons and clinics before I made my decision. Mr Matthews was extremely thorough in explaining all aspects of the procedure and totally put my mind at rest that I was in extremely good hands.

My breast augmentation surgery was, I would say, 110% successful, I am so pleased with the results. Mr Matthews is a highly accomplished surgeon who I would not hesitate to recommend for his surgical skills, professionalism and attentiveness.

VCJanuary 2014

I have been under the care of Mr Matthews since 2004 when I was first diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma [BCC]. In the intervening years, I have had many surgical procedures to remove lesions and to receive skin grafts. At every consultation, I have been given the most attentive care and experienced Mr Matthews’s extensive surgical skills through all the stages of treatment. His concern for the well-being of his patients is without precedent in my experience, and I would not hesitate to advise those in need of treatment for BCC or related conditions to consult Mr Matthews.

KKJanuary 2014

I was referred to Mr Matthews by a dermatologist who had concerns that a mark on my nose could well be a basal cell carcinoma. I had previously had two taken from my face and was feeling extremely anxious about the prospect of more surgery and the consequent effect on my appearance.

My previous surgeon had done an excellent job technically, but Mr Matthews’ understanding of the effects that such a procedure on such a visible part of the body can have on one’s confidence, really helped and supported me. As a woman who takes pride in her appearance and had a very public job, this reassurance and understanding was so important to me. The care he gave me, not only in preparation for and during the operation, but also in follow up appointments, was second to none. He did an amazing job on removing the affected tissue and on the necessary skin grafting, giving me advice and support throughout.

RWFebruary 2014

I saw Mr Matthews for a mole on my cheek that had been slowing growing over many years. I was incredibly nervous about having it removed, especially considering the size and potential for leaving a large ‘hole’ in my face. Mr Matthews was absolutely excellent and at our initial consultation he managed my expectations with regard to scarring. The procedure itself was absolutely painless and the aftercare advice brilliant. I am absolutely delighted with the work that was done and wish I’d done it years earlier – there’s the tiniest of scars that you can just about see if you are really looking for it (in good light!). For any woman, putting your face in the hands of a surgeon is something we wouldn’t take lightly and I was very concerned about finding a qualified professional with a good track record who could do the work. I am so glad that I did my research and found Mr Matthews. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to him if I needed anything else doing – his professional and friendly manner really put me at ease and I would highly recommend him.

AEFebruary 2014

Having been a patient of Mr Matthews for the last eight years, I have always found him very patient, calming and reassuring and as I have always been very nervous of Hospitals etc he has now conquered these feelings for me. He has performed a number of operations for me, in each case most successfully. He could not be more gentle with his treatments and I have no hesitation in strongly recommending him to anyone!

MCFebruary 2014

I developed a fairly aggressive basal cell carcinoma on my left cheek. As a retired dental practitioner, I realised that the lesion needed urgent attention and sought the advice of Mr Matthews. From our first meeting he was attentive, thorough and went to great lengths to explain the different procedures that could be employed, their implications and probable outcomes. A summary of that consultation was thoughtfully sent to me afterwards. Surgery, including the need for a full thickness skin graft, was carried out perfectly comfortably under local anaesthetic in the modern clinical environment of Nuffield Health Warwickshire Hospital. For no obvious reason, healing proved to be slower than either of us expected but Mr Matthews meticulously following a routine of frequent review and regular dressings, I am pleased to say the lesion has now fully healed but will continue to be reviewed at regular intervals. I have no hesitation in commending Mr Matthews professional and skilful surgical abilities, complemented by a quiet and caring manner which inspired confidence and trust.

JWFebruary 2014

The worrying event of finding that I needed to see a consultant was one that I did greet with some confidence knowing that I could attend a specialist at Nuffield, known to my wife Ella who is a registered nurse there. My consultation with Mr Matthews and the small operation I had to undergo confirmed to me that I was in the best possible professional hands I would not hesitate to recommend Nuffield and Mr Matthews in particular to anyone requiring his professional services.

MKFebruary 2014

For years I had become increasingly annoyed by two creamy whitish plaques at the outer aspect of my eyes. When I consulted Mr Matthews, he explained that they were deposits of cholesterol and that they were small enough to remove under local anaesthetic.

There was very minimal bruising and at my age (I am sixty-one) I expected much more. The stitches were duly removed as arranged. It is now a month since the surgery and with make-up the scar is not visible at all. Mr Matthews assured me that the scar will continue to fade gradually. The staff were professional at all times, attentive, informative and eager to put me at ease. My only regret is that I did not consider surgery earlier.

JMFebruary 2014

We made an appointment with Mr Richard Matthews after having a difficult twin birth and further complications resulting in a hernia and separated stomach muscles. From the outset, Mr Matthews was extremely helpful and took his time to explain the operation I needed and made me feel very reassured that he was someone with a wealth of experience. I could not fault the pre-op and post-op care I received from Mr Matthews, he was thorough, meticulous and I felt genuinely cared for every step of the way. He visited me every day to check my progress and provided medical care above and beyond the hours required of him.

The operation has changed my life tremendously in such a positive way, I can now pick up my young children without being in pain, buy clothes that actually fit and feel more confident in my appearance. I could not speak highly enough of Mr Matthews.

RMFebruary 2014

As a patient of Mr Matthews, I wish to express my confidence and admiration for all his skill, care and personal attention throughout my treatment and the excellent outcome achieved.

HDMarch 2014